Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cheap L'Oreal Hair Color

This weekend was spent at a conference. When I left late afternoon, I stopped off at a CVS in the town I was in ... a college town. They were wiped out already of most of the good stuff I wanted. I had a $5/25 expiring today, so I checked a store closer to home. They at least carried the ACT trial size, but were out. They still had everything else, though.

I had gotten a calculator last weekend to help with these scenarios. I used it today and it helped greatly!

I needed a filler and there was still some Valentine's Day stuff posted at 75% off. The college store had it marked off at 90% off, so I decided to scan the lone candy-related thing left. Do you believe that little bit of candy and that stuffed bear was retailing for $5.99? Well, I got it for 59 cents.

I'm particular about my hair color and it's only L'Oreal Preference. It's currently 40% off. There's a $3/1 in RP 2/1 that makes this stuff $3 a bottle! I have a CVS Q for $2 cosmetics, so I'll be checking out what I can combine for L'Oreal makeup over $8.02 so I can get $5 more ECB.

ETA: This is a month-long deal (buy $20 of L'Oreal and get 5 ECB). It looks like the 3/15 - 3/21 flyer will have HIP eyeshadow for $5 each. There's a $2/1 HIP Eye or Lip product in 2/1 RP, which will make these $3 each.

2 L'Oreal Preference HairColor $11.98
1 SlimQuick Energy Pack $4.99
1 Carnation Instant Breakfast Chocolate (the last one, but they still had vanilla) $4.99
1 CVS Vitamin D $2.99
1 Candy Heart with Bear $.59

= $25.54

- $0.75 Carnation Q in All You January
- $6 L'Oreal Hair Color (2 $3 Qs, RP 2/1)
- $5/25
- $11.98 ECB
= $1.81 OOP + $2.99 ECB Vit D + $4.99 ECB Carnation + $4.99 ECB SlimQuick = $12.97 ECB

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