Sunday, March 8, 2009

CVS the Skincare Edition

It didn't work out exactly as I intended, but it's OK. My local flyer didn't include the Crest ProHealth deal. In hindsight, I should have scanned a tube to see if it was at $2.99 to attemp to do the deal anyway.

The upside to that is because of that, I was having some difficulty coming up with the $25 I needed in order to use the $5/25. In the end, I decided to get a fifth Vaseline, even though I only had four $1.50/1 Qs.

Also, there is a Calamine Aveeno cream for $4.49. There's a $2 Internet Printable and the monthly deal gives you 2 ECBs, so it's 49 cents OOP!

I have discovered that the $2 on any 2 Gold Emblem nuts does work on the 99-cent nuts at CVS. I think that impressed the cashier, even. He didn't say anything about that, but he did say I had done a good job when he saw my OOP.

I also got all my Vaselines with the 30% extra free. Yippee!

So ...

5 Vaseline "10" oz = $18.45
2 Gold Emblem nuts $1.98
1 Aveeno Itch cream $4.49
2 ACT trial size (I thought this was a monthly deal. It wasn't so I didn't get my ECBs. It's OK, though.

- 4 $1.50 Vaseline Qs $6
- 2/2 Gold Emblem nuts
- $5/25
- $2 Aveeno Internet printable
- $10.99 ECBs

= $0.91 OOP + $12 ECBs ($10 Vaseline, $2 from Aveeno)

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