Sunday, March 8, 2009

More RA deals

I went back to get some more SCR items for the week at Rite Aid. The Always was on sale, but I'd already gotten the rebate for the product, so I was just trying to get things to work out so these pantiliners were cheaper to free.
Several years ago, I found these pantiliners for $2.50 per box at Big Lots. Now the cheapest non-sale price I find these days is $3.25 at Dollar General. RA had them for $2.99. There's a $1/2 Q in 3/1 P&G, but I already got two boxes, so I just got one so I could get the $25 so I could use the $5/25.
The Organix shampoo has a try me free rebate, so I'll be mailing that in once the SCR online system reads my receipt.
So ...
1 Always pantiliners $2.99
1 Organix shampoo $6.99
1 Snore Stop tabs $8.99
1 Novitra $7.99
= $26.96
- $3 Novitra IP
- $5/25
- $8.99 Snore Stop SCR
- $7.99 Novitra SCR
- $6.99 Organix MIR
= $5.01 MM!


  1. Congrats on your first home! I do hope you plan on posting some pics :).

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