Thursday, January 22, 2009

CVS Cards

A few months ago, I thought I was being frugal by buying greeting cards at the dollar store for 50 cents each. Now that I'm starting to roll ECBs at CVS and couponing, that isn't the case anymore.

I took advantage of CVS's American Greetings buy 3 get $3 ECB deal this week. There's a 99-cent section in the card area. That's where you get your best selection of your el-cheapo cards.

3 Cards @ .99 = $2.97
1 CVS Loratadin $3.79
2 Hershey Special Dark bars 2/$1.00

-$6 ECB
-$.89 B1G1 Hershey Coupon (the coupon said limit .79, and I was only charged .50 a bar, so not sure how that will work with CVS in the end. I wasn't paying that close attention)

= .87 OOP plus $6.79 ECB

This is the first picture taken with my new camera. I can see that it'll never take pristine pictures, but I should be able to take pretty good ones in time.

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