Thursday, January 8, 2009

Financial Goals for 2009

I'm actually excited about my financial goals this year. Well, I did have a goal in 2008 for the first time -- get out of debt. Period. I did that in April. I had to cash flow some car repairs and in the meantime found Dave Ramsey's radio show, which led me to frugal blogs like Get Rich Slowly and Money Saving Mom.

So this is the first full year of being debt free. Here are my goals:

1. Finish sinking fund for replacement computer (By March 09 -- $700)-- well it's starting to look like by February 09.
2. Dive into sinking fund for replacement car (Goal is $6,000).
3. Mom is in the final stages of ovarian cancer. I started putting some money aside for any related expenses in August (when gas was $4/gallon. Now that it's half that, I'm putting the overage in that account, which if anything else left (probably will because I've cashflowed all but the month when Mom was in the hospital for two weeks an hour away and gas was $4 a gallon. So this goal is getting through Mom's final illness and death without incurring debt. Anything left over will go into the replacement car sinking fund.
4. Read one investing book per quarter (can be adjusted per where my life is, see #3).
5. Get more acclimated with CVS' ECB program (which has totally intimidated me up to this point).
6. Keep track of how much money I save via couponing, rebates, sales, ECB/RRs, etc.
7. Enjoy living my first full calendar year debt free since 1994, and having a 3-month emegerency fund for the first time. EVER.
8. As funds allow, boosting EF to 6 months.
9. Once EF is 6 months (currently 3), restart putting money in IRA.

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