Friday, January 30, 2009

Kroger or, I'm spoiled by CVS

Last night after an afternoon with friends, I made trips to CVS (spending $6 or so on $30 worth of items (I sent for a rebate already), Rite Aid (Fructis deal) and Kroger.

I had a bunch of coupons that are going to expire. There was also that B1G1 Tyson frozen chicken tenderloins that I had coupons for that was expiring that day. Plus there was the mega sale and I didn't know it was extending to this week.

So I got
2 boxes Kleenex (left coupons in car)
1 Worchestshire sauce (a try me coupon)
1 Betty Crocker potatoes (yum), had coupon that doubled
2 Bumble Bee Salmon Steaks (with a slight sale, plus $1 coupons)
2 Veggie Steams (but they weren't the price I thought they would be (left coupons at work, but had shortcuts Q
2 Tyson Tenderloins (2 55 cent coupons and B1G1)
5 Kraft Cheeses (with 4 coupons -- I gave her five, but she scanned four, but she said she shouldn't have let me have second Tyson coupon )
1 Laughing Cow cheese (slight sale, and I had coupon)
6 Yogurts (3 Whips and had ShortCuts coupon)
1 Tropicana OJ
1 bag organic raisins clearance at $1.25

Price retail $81.62
Sales and Qs: $48.03
OOP: $33.59
Savings 58 percent

I was kicking myself for days. I didn't do as well as I should have. I was tired. I didn't take a picture.

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