Thursday, January 29, 2009

My CVS Score

I started the New Year with a resolution to learn more about CVSing and the enigmatic ECB phenom. I'll review the results a little later. Short version is I made some mistakes (like newbies do) and spent too much money. Also, my Mom died in the middle of the month, so I'm sure that affected things as well. For now, though, I love this deal. I'll take the picture tomorrow am.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that this works (I guess) for the Alyssa's Keeping the Kingdom First's CVS $5 Challenge.

ETA: Here it is:

The goal for tonight was just to see if the local CVS had gotten the famed Gillette Fusion Gamer razors in. Yes. Then, I've been looking for a new cosmetic bag because I've used my current one that I inherited from my grandmother since 1985. I am dead serious. Well, I'm only serious ...

Anywho, I found one not made out of cheap, shiny vinyl that will crack in two years. Yea, the inside of my current bag is all cracked in the middle, but the outside is cloth. This one is black satin. Very nice.

Modella train case 3 piece set $9.99
2 Throat Coolers (they were in this store! Finally!) $4.99 x 2
1 Gillette Gamer Razor $7.99
1 CVS Advanced Healing Lotion (filler) $1.49

-$5 $5/25
-$4 Gillette Q 12/28 P&G
-$1 CVS Lotion CRT
-$4.99 B1G1 Cooler Q 12/7 SS
-$13.99 ECBs


= $0.47 OOP + $13.98 ECB ($4 from Gillette razor and $9.98 from the Throat Coolers)

Trip Summary: Today You Saved $30.98.

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  1. Great job Chris! FYI...I found out the limit for the Gamer razors is actually 5. So if you have more coupons head over and grab a few more. Have a nice weekend.