Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Body Wash, Chocolate at WAGs

I was able to find six bottles (two were discussed in a previous post) of Olay Botanical Body Washes at WAGs. The ones in my area that were marked $1.39 were all gone. However, I found a WAGs that had them tagged at $3.59, but scanned at $1.39. I didn't take them all, but I ran out of Olay Q!

Two were from the 1/18 P&G inserts and two were from the 2/8 inserts I bought with my regular Sunday paper purchase. However, I went for a walk Sunday and found a couple of places with newspapers piled up in the driveway, so I was able to grab a couple more.

The chocolate, I got by combining the ESC in WAGs this month ($6 off two) with the $1 "gift" (Man Q) that are in blinkies everywhere. In order to avoid beeps, I grabbed a carmel near checkout.

$10/2 Starbucks Truffles (yes, I checked expiration date)
.33 carmel

- $6/2 ESC Q
- $2 (2 $1 Man Q)

= $2.35 OOP

Body washes

$5.39 retail
$1.39 on clearance
- $1 Man Q
= $0.39 * 4 = $1.56 OOP

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