Sunday, February 15, 2009

CVS Colgate

I was bummed at CVS tonight. I was able to find the toothpaste fine, but no Dental Rinse, no Gillette Fusion Gamers, no J&J with Neosporin, no Mylanta, and one 25-count round.

So I decided to get the toothpaste and picked up some Valetine's candy for what I thought was filler. No, it wasn't necessary for filler.

2 Colgate $2.99
1 Snickers Heart .25

-2 Colgate Total Qs $1 each
-3 ECB
= $1.23 OOP plus $5.98 ECBs

I'm coming down with a cold and didn't feel like traveling all over town to try to find a CVS so I could do a $30 deal.

On the upside, I got a $5/30 and two $5/25. I have a total of four $5/25s. Not sure how I'm going to use them all.

I could feel it ... CVS wanted me to spend money. I mostly resisted, however ...


  1. I hear ya, I couldn't find the mylanta all week and no Gillette Fushion Gamers at 2 CVS's near me. ARGH!!

  2. No gamers for me either. And I rarely have the time to travel to other CVS's. Great find in those $/$$ coupons! I never get those! I don't complain though because I get awesome deals anyhow.

    Have a great weekend!