Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting a Love Drawer!

One of the financial goals I had intended on making for 2009, but didn't was to set up what Dave Ramsey calls a "love drawer." This is where you set up your important papers in one place so when you die or are incapacitated, someone can easily figure out what's going on with your life. Of course, if your up to your neck in debt, you might not want anyone to know that. The thing is, the designated person will figure it out, anyway.

I had decided late last year on a Honeywell safe with the ability to have hanging folders. I even went to Walmart shortly before Mom died with a Christmas gift card to see if I could snag one. Well, no, I couldn't. I spent the gift card on other stuff.

I went in to Big Lots this evening after reading this blogpost of the 20% off printable coupon for "Friends and Family" from 5-9 Sunday, Feb. 22. I came in with my coupon and started to look for 11 x 14 frames, but didn't find any that appealed to me. Then, as I walked toward the grocery area, I saw it -- a display of Honeywell safes. I went back, got a cart and put it in.

This safe at is $50.00. It was listed at Big Lots for $40. With 20% off, it was $32! Yippee!

I also got a calculator, a large bag if Bear Naked Granola for $6 (if you go on the website, they no longer carry the 32 oz bag, but their 12 oz bag is $4. Hmmm

I also got some Zatarain's Ready to Serve rice. I'm single, and I don't see these around anywhere at grocery stores. In any case,they were $1.04 after discount. They didn't have any more of my favorite Caribbean Rice, but these will do.

Just to keep things simple, I also picked up some cans of canned chicken to mix in with the rice. Rite Aid has a sale this week on Sue's, which I like better, but I only had one coupon, so I got the rest here.

In all, I spent $46.98. My 20% discount was $11.24.

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