Friday, February 27, 2009

Kroger Run 2/27

Besides my list for this weekend, I also was able to pick up some Manager's Specials, including a couple of packages of Creme Savers, a package of mushrooms and a tub of rice pudding. I also picked up a half-gallon of pulpy Kroger OJ (and I'm impressed with the taste) and cottage cheese.

Besides that, I got:

Two Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers
3 Betty Crocker Potatoes (I love these)
2 Green Giant frozen veggies
1 Kroger frozen veggies (I had a catalina)
1 COS tuna (cheaper than the Kroger tuna)
2 Kroger yogurt (for this weekend)
1 Grape leather (on sale, but even not on sale, cheaper than at the local produce store)
1 Kroger cottage cheese

Including the full price before Manager's Special markdowns (which doesn't reflect on the receipt), retail for this stuff was $32.24
OOP $14.72

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