Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Joys of Soy

On Sunday night, after my trip to BigLots, I went to four Rite Aids to try to find SoyJoys for their deal. My car was about ready to die, so I didn't feel comfortable going out at a separate time from going to Big Lots. I was disgruntled when I went to the first Rite Aid and found these. But when I went to the other three Rite Aids in the area, the nutritional bar area was completely emptied of SoyJoys.

Instead of just trying to go to Rite Aids locally, I decided on a different tact -- I was scheduled to get my new car from my hometown (very rural Michigan) later in the week, so I decided to check out a Rite Aid there.


So, I used five BOGO coupons from 2/22 and 1/4 SS. Rite Aid's SCR this week is $5, so it'll be a $2.50 MM.

So OOP -- $2.50. SCR -- $5.

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