Monday, February 16, 2009

CVS Deals

I went looking for a place to use my $5/25, but no dice. However, I did do this.

Transaction 1 (store 1)

2 Neutrogena facial bars $2.99 each
1 Snickers candy hearts .25

- $6 ECB
= .23 OOP

Actually, I could have used the $5.98 ECB I used last night for the Colgate and ended up with 0 OOP. So, if you're a newbie and have no ECBs, you could do just the Colgate deal (with Q, but without the candy in my post ...), get $5.98 ECB, then buy the Neutrogena bars, have 0 OOP and $10 ECB!

So you would have two tubes of toothpaste and two Neutrogena bars for $3.98 OOP and $10 ECB!

BTW, at the store, the Ultimate Strength Mint Mylantas are still $7.49 ...

Transaction 2 (store 2)

They had the Neutrogena bars at this store, too. If I hadn't gotten it at the other store, I could have gotten used the $5/25 CRT. C'est la vie.

They had no Ultimate Strength Mylanta, or 25-count cotton rounds, or J&J bandages. They did have Gillette razors, though, so I did this ...

3 Suave Body Wash 18 oz (50 percent free, makes up for not having the 75 cent coupon)$6
1 Gillette Fusion Gamer $7.99
1 4-pack AAA batteries (for the camera) $2.99 (no Q, I know ... left at home)

- $4 Gillette 2/8 Q
- $12 ECB

= $0.98 OOP + 6 ECBS

The Suave ECBs didn't print out. Evidently there is a problem with them printing out on the Body Washes. If you're intending on doing this, make sure you have the flyer with you when you check out so you can show them. Then they can push through the ECBs manually.

When I said this to the cashier (older lady), she almost acted she didn't know what an ECB was. When I pointed it out to her, she said, "Oh, you got $4 ECBs here."

That was for the razor, I said. She left for a minute, came back and asked, "Where does it show in the ad for the razors?" I showed her.

At this point, I was really glad I did the Neutrogena deal at the other store. Finally she called the Assistant Manager. After a few minutes, he came out, then pushed through the ECBs.

Before this transaction, I had $30 ECBs. $30! I'm single with no kids or SO (my manly stuff is getting donated). I'm not going to die for burning a few ECBs. Plus, I got some stuff I wanted/needed (I like Suave body wash ... so sue me).


  1. You are so lucky your CVS has the Neutrogena cleansing bars. My store does not carry them. But I can't really complain my CVS is awesome.

  2. Great transactions! My CVS carries the Neutrogena bars, but they haven't had them in stock at either of the stores that I visited.