Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Cards

On my way home from work today, I stopped off to get more free cards after ECBs. Yesterday I did a scenario that included a package of makeup circles.
3 .99 cent American Greetings cards = $2.97
1 25-count makeup circles = $0.99
1 package of pencils on clearance = $0.25
- $4 ECBs
= 0.21 OOP + 3 ECBs for the cards and $2 ECBs for the CVS cosmetic monthly deal.
I love helping the store get rid of their clearance items!


  1. So you get Extra Bucks for the American Greetings cards? I see folks getting Bucks for Hallmark cards but none of the CVS's here carry Hallmark. It's been making my head hurt trying to figure this
    Well done!

  2. It's unadvertised, and only through today. The CVSs in my area carry American Greetings. You can get 3 for 99 cents each, and get the 3ECB, even though the ad says you need to spend at least $2.49 per card.